August 18, 2014


Golf Count: 32 on the year for a grand total of 189.

Not to get stuck on Ferguson, but it is the easiest domestic target for the day.

I can't imagine what the protesters hope to accomplish, but I have a sneaking suspicion that, like all petulant children that act out because they haven't figured out a more productive behavior, they are doing it for the attention.

If the media weren't there with cameras trained on them, if Al Sharpton and local ethnic leaders weren't fanning the flames, don't you think they would have grown tired by now?

Think about those two components; the media and black cultural 'leaders'.  Who could be a better peacemaker, than the first black president with an administration that unquestionably controls the media?

Instead of golfing and biking around the Vineyard, instead of putting on a show and returning to Washington to take a meeting with Eric Holder, perhaps the president should exercise his might (don't laugh) and call in a few favors with the media.  He could make a few phone calls to Sharpton and the rest, asking them to lay off.  He could get a few of his celebrity friends to exercise their star power, which, unfortunately seems to influence the sort that are protesting in Ferguson - but, at this point, whatever works to get them to stop committing assault by cop.

How many past presidents, in times of localized unrest, quietly and resolutely used their position to calm the waters?  There were many, in a variety of situations, and with a variety of outcomes, but they did take action.  They did it without public outcry, they did it behind the scenes, without need for accolades or attention.

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