August 15, 2014

Ferguson Idiots

Don't let the post title fool you into thinking I am taking a side, there are plenty of idiots in Ferguson, Missouri, on both sides of the street.

The idea that local police forces have military-style weapons, and have them trained on their citizens is disturbing.

The idea that a community would rise up and act in ways that justify the use of military-style weapons is equally disturbing.

I have no call to argue the issues, the death, or the response that brings us to where we are today.  The jury is out on that until FACTS are known - which may be never, as convoluted as the situation has become.

The idiots I prefer to call out are on the 'protester' side of the street.  I don't mind you protesting.  If you have weapons, Molotov cocktails, smoke bombs - then you are justifying the very actions you are protesting.  Even still, those aren't the idiots I am speaking of.

It is the people with their kids (and pets).

From here.
A violent protest is no place for you to bring your child.  I don't care if it started out peaceful, there has been constant violence since Saturday, you should know better.  When you are standing, child on hip, in the middle of a street, facing a wall of riot police, with protest slogans written on your child's should go to jail for placing that child in danger.  There is no cure for that level of stupid.

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