July 10, 2014

I need a Kickstarter

This week has hit the pocketbook hard.

Yesterday completed the install of our new HVAC system.  We had cool air by Tuesday afternoon, but to make sure everything was wired and functioning also required a test of the heat, so they came back early yesterday to run that test.

I will say that the new unit moves some air.  I haven't delved into the CFM specs or anything, but it noticeably blows harder than the old unit.  I believe my under-the-breath comment after hearing my family gush about it was, 'For $8,000 bucks it should be blowing more than cold air.'

Also taking a chunk of change this week was a visit to the vet to have a broken dog tooth extracted.  Labrador puppies, it seems, have chewing power that is not always matched by the strength of their teeth.  Boom noticed last week that one of our dogs had something amiss in the dental area, and we had to complete a week-long regimen of antibiotics leading up to yesterday's dental surgery.

The tooth, though weak and broken on the biting surface, proved to be stubborn, and they had to break it into three pieces to get it all out.  The vet did send the dog home with the pieces of extracted tooth, though the canine tooth fairy has not visited, nor am I holding out hope that said fairy will leave enough cash to cover the vet bill.

These expenditures led me to verbally threaten my aged washing machine this morning when the spin cycle left the clothes dripping wet.  Not. Now.  Please, don't die just yet.

Some guy in Ohio got over 5,000 people to donate over $44,000 so that he could make a potato salad.  What in the heck is wrong in our world when people will donate to schtick like this, and hardworking people struggle to live an average life?


CenTexTim said...

So did the poor pooch get dentures? An implant? A gold cap?

Mel said...

The pooch had a gold implant!

Harper, use pleated filters on your new hvac and change them monthly. You'll be surprised by how dirty they get.
We replaced two units in the last four years. With wood and tile floors I was amazed how dirty the filters were in a months time. High cfm made a big difference .