July 7, 2014


Posting remotely from the sad little 'waiting for my ride' bench at the Ford service department. Juggling phone calls and emails about replacing my home heat pump, that literally went up in flames this weekend.

What does any of this have to do with FOD?

Big Government.  It touches everything. Mandated fees to dispose of vehicle waste. Mandated refrigerant in both car and home.  Mandated minimum energy efficiency rating in the new heat pump that will be installed in my home tomorrow.

My repairs funded with what is left of my paycheck after the government takes her bite.

Doesn't that make your blood boil? If you are a productive member of society, the government takes from you to support those that sit on their asses. If you follow the rules, you pay more.

Taxation represented by elected officials rendered useless by a president who doesn't feel compelled to do the will of the people.  I have a pen, too, Mr. President.  Let's hope I never get the chance to shove it where it would do you the most good.


Mel said...

Don't forget the mandated higher mileage cars. Government doesn't get enough gas tax money due to better mileage so now they want to tax us more.

Why do AC compressors on holiday weekends? Is that mandated also?

Harper said...

I think it must be mandated somewhere that anything related to comfort will fail on the weekend. If a holiday is involved, it will happen with precise timing to ruin any planned celebration.