July 8, 2014

Creature Comforts

Our holiday weekend was interrupted by a little HVAC incident.  About 3pm on Saturday, the lights flickered and I heard a sizzling sound.  As I have been procrastinating the replacement of one of our units, I figured it was the culprit, but all seemed well with it.  I opened the back door to see if the fan was running, only to be greeted by the reek of ozone and a plume of black smoke pouring out of the housing.

Well, that solved the 'replace it or nurse it through the summer' dilemma.

Luckily, it hasn't yet hit 100 degrees in our area yet.  Actually, today is the day that the weatherman says we are likely to reach that mark.  Perhaps most fortunately, we have two units, and the unit that died cools the living areas, so the bedrooms are still cool.  Everyone can hang out in their own space, sleeping and showering in air conditioned comfort - though I think a summer slumber party on the living room floor would have been fun, had the situation been reversed.

The un-climate controlled end of the house hasn't been unbearable, hitting only the mid-80s during the heat of the day.  It is a bit sweaty - but, only extremely noticeable when coming from the cool comfort of the air conditioned areas (or when doing something active).  Makes me wonder how easily my family might adapt to a thermostat setting a bit higher than our norm.  We sure could use the extra savings on electricity, to make up for the sticker shock of a new heat pump.

When the crew arrived this morning to begin removing the old unit, you should have seen the smile on their faces when I showed them to the ground floor closet that houses the unit (more modern homes in our area generally have units in the attic - where it is a billion degrees) .  One of the gentlemen turned to me and said, 'No attic.  You make me happy.'

Well, thank you, sir.  Get that new unit in, and we will all be happy.

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