July 3, 2014

And then there was one

Yesterday The Princess lost her last (or next-to-last, we need to double check with the dentist) baby tooth.  A few weeks prior, while taking a walk with Mr. H, she announced that she knew the truth about the Tooth Fairy (and the Easter Bunny - but the jury is still out on Santa).  So, last night at bedtime, tooth in hand, she played along for the sake of her little brother.  And who wouldn't, knowing there was a couple of bucks guaranteed, simply by putting a piece of biological waste under your pillow?

All of our older kids have probably held on to childhood mythological figures longer than most, as there have been younger ones to consider.  I won't miss the stress related to the sneakiness of the Tooth Fairy...who in the heck thought that putting a tooth under the child's pillow was a good idea?  Some kids are light sleepers!  I think the Tooth Fairy should visit the mailbox.  Or mom's pillow.  That would be a better plan.

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