June 14, 2014

Too Many Opinions

My vacuum died.  It was on it's last leg, and had several broken parts, but this last little piece of broken plastic rendered it unusable (though that didn't stop Mr. H from trying and blowing dust and dog hair all over the damn place).

I figured I would run out and buy the current model of my old vacuum, since it has served us well for eight or nine years.  Then I made the fatal error of sitting down at my computer and pulling up Consumer Reports.  That lead to opening about 73 other tabs of user reviews, manufacturer's websites, and various retail outlets.
Turns out that Dyson doesn't stack up so well in 'scientific' testing.  So, I researched other models.  I read a gazillion reviews.  
My needs are simple.  I want it to clean carpet and bare floors well.  I want the hose/tool attachments to have good suction, as I prefer to vacuum as much as I can, rather than dust with a rag and spread it around.  I need a machine that picks up pet hair.  I don't really care if it is heavy or noisy or has a headlight.
I can't seem to find a machine with good reviews and ratings in the three categories that matter to me.
Just when I find something I think I can live with, based on reviews, ratings, and affordability, my bubble is burst by silly little things like availability.  As in, 'not available to ship and not available in a 200 mile radius of your zip code'.  WTF?  Why are vacuums proprietary by region?
I even entertained thoughts of inviting a Kirby salesman into my home, until I read that the thing I hated most about the Kirby I pushed around as a kid hasn't been improved upon.  Their attachments still require complete removal of the brush head on the front of the machine.  Plus they still weigh a hundred pounds and cost two thousand bucks.
And while I really enjoy the consumer power that is found in internet shopping, I just can't wait 3-5 business days for a new vacuum to arrive.  And I am not too keen on the thought of having to box it back up and ship it back if something goes wrong, or I don't like it.  
The shop vac works in a pinch, but not so great on carpet (and it smells musty, no matter what), so I am now back at square one.  My plan is to get in my car, drive to the club warehouse, and pay entirely too much for a new Dyson.  I will try to get internet-review amnesia, and instead, love my new vacuum and try to believe that it will last for years to come, despite the harsh review and warning not to buy from 'tootsiepop54'.


CenTexTim said...

You can't wait 3-5 days for a new vacuum cleaner?!? What, are you OCD about vacuuming...?

Harper said...

Three dogs, four kids, gravel driveway, drought-stricken yard of mostly dirt. No, I can't wait for a vacuum.

CenTexTim said...

What, you don't have a broom? :-)

When I was between wife #2 and wife #3, I lived in a house with a yellow Lab. I didn't own a vacuum. The first time time wife #3 visited me, for some reason she was reluctant to take off her shoes. The second time she came over she brought her vacuum. That's when I knew she was a keeper...