June 18, 2014

IRS Geek Squad

I don't know who they have working IT at the IRS, but they must be a bunch of blooming idiots.

More likely, the current administration just thinks that we are all idiots, and will believe whatever they tell us.

But, let's suspend that thought for a moment and look at the 'loss' of Lois Lerner's emails, purportedly due to a hard drive crash in 2011.

The IRS would like for us to believe that there is no real-time, or daily, or weekly, or monthly, or even quarterly data backup process that preserves the content of their employees' computers.  There is 9+ months of missing email data, that, apparently, was only stored on the desktop computer hard drive of Lois Lerner.  A hard drive that crashed and all data rendered unrecoverable, even through a forensic analysis and consultation with the manufacturer.

We are to believe they don't have an off-site back up policy.

We are to believe that Ms Lerner didn't ever access, or sync, her email files to another device.

I don't know what is more disturbing; the fact that anyone with two working brain cells would believe any part of this story, or the fact that the general public seems content to swallow this kind of bullshit without an all out revolt.

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