June 4, 2014

Good luck sleeping at night

On Monday there was a horrific accident in Dallas.  Yes, it is a big city, and, yes, there are accidents everyday, but this one was notable - even more so now, but not for any good reason.

I don't know anything about the cause, but the result was a car engulfed in flames and trapped in an HOV lane that was lined by those concrete divider walls.  There were two people in the car. 
An off-duty Dallas police officer stopped to render aid.  He began asking the other witnesses that had stopped to gather fire extinguishers and anything else they could find to put out the fire.  One man apparently tried to rally some fire extinguishers.
“In my peripheral vision, in addition within a very close distance, you see people filming with their cell phones,” said Williams. “That’s what you see -- a person’s actually dying in front of their eyes, and rather than you making it a priority, putting yourself in the role of a first responder, just to try to help out in some way, you choose your priority to be filming somebody’s death.”
Williams says he even asked a woman to back up away from the car as she recorded at a close distance with her phone.
I hope that those people enjoy their personal Faces of Death recording.  I hope they enjoy it so much that it is all they see when they close their eyes.  I hope the images haunt them forever.  I pray that they have to stand before their God, and those two lost souls, and get the reckoning that they deserve.  No earthly punishment is enough for people like this, so I will have to find some comfort in believing that a higher power will deal with the trash of this world.

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