June 30, 2014


Obama hit the links on Saturday, the 22nd time in 26 weeks.  Must be nice to have an organization running so smoothly that you can take that much time off.  That brings his presidential total to 179 rounds.  Just after he was re-elected, I predicted that Obama would hit 240 rounds during his presidency. At the time, he was averaging ~30 rounds per year, and I had thrown out his election year stats as that year of only 13 rounds was clearly an anomaly intended to aid his re-election.  I am beginning to think I underestimated.  At his current clip, he will blow by 240.

This week in the Dallas area, local officials are preparing to receive THOUSANDS of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children.  The anchor woman cheerfully reported the news, while a graphic next to her reiterated that NO LOCAL FUNDS would be spent, all aid money would be FEDERAL!  

I blame Obama for a majority that doesn't understand that the federal government doesn't have any profitable ventures other than the forced taxation of the American people.  Our government is funded by us, no matter whether it is local, state, or federal.  Does Obama even understand that?

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