June 23, 2014


Last week, the White house hosted a group of illegal immigrants.  These so called 'Dreamers' claim to be children that were innocently brought here by their parents, who were, admittedly, breaking the law when they crossed into our country.  They now have tentative legal status under current non-deportation policies.

The message sent by this president and his administration is so absurdly wrong that it makes me laugh.

Hey kids, would you like to be welcomed to the White House and honored in a ceremony?  Well, you could grow up to be influential - say, a scientist that saves lives through medical discoveries, or a scholar that forms young minds,  or an athlete that wins a championship or represents our country at the Olympics.  Perhaps you could be an entrepreneur that develops a product that revolutionizes society.  Maybe you could be a movie star or musician.  Perhaps you will dedicate your life to civil or political service of your fellow man.  Those things may get you invited to the president's home and seat of our government.

Or, you could break our laws and exploit our social systems.  That'll get you an invite.

Thanks, Blowie, for thumbing your nose at every immigrant that ever tried to abide by the laws of our country by entering legally, making a life for themselves and contributing to our society.  No surprise that in a country ruled by you, the hard working people lose and the leeches win.  GFY.

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