May 6, 2014

Youth is wasted on the young

This past weekend I traveled to College Station, Texas, where my oldest child attends college.  There were some Important Events to view, which were enjoyable, and nearly made up for the annual hauling of the crap to the SUV to move Boom home for the summer.  Some of her classmates are staying at college over the summer, choosing to work and take some classes, subletting houses and apartments of those with somewhere else to go for three months, a circumstance that results from both careful planning and 'oh shit' moments, as in, "Oh shit, my parents aren't going to pay for a 5th year victory lap of college, I need to knock out an extra class or two over the summer."

Boom has one of those summers sneaking up on her.  Here's hoping it is more of the 'careful planning' variety.

While I don't live vicariously through my children, I do love to soak in the college atmosphere.  Those were the days, weren't they?  I am often heard encouraging my daughter to get out and do things, enjoy the time she has before grown up life is fully upon her.  Granted, her idea of a good time, thankfully, isn't the same as what mine was at that age.  She is enjoying herself, and I guess it might be for the best if she graduates without ever having done a keg stand.

Saturday's festivities marked an end for the senior cadets at A&M - and, considering graduation requirements and the lead time for commencement, most of them were completely done with all but the walk across the stage next weekend.  So they have some time to kill before they are thrust into full-fledged adulthood.

As we stood outside Boom's dorm, milling about with the other parents waiting on their kids to change out of uniform so they could go to lunch, two seniors stuck their head out of an upper level stairwell window, calling out to a friend below - a sentiment that, to me, seemed to express all the joy and desperation one would expect for young men at the end of their college careers:
"Hurry up, the bars close in 14 hours!"

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