May 13, 2014

Still among the living

I have said before, that I am sometimes surprised at the names and faces that are featured in 'memoriam' stories and videos, features of celebrities that have recently died - the sort of snippets that occupy newspaper and internet space at the end of the year, and at every sort of award show.  Perhaps it is the overwhelming amount of information that is available on a daily basis, that allows for notable deaths to get lost in the shuffle.  Or maybe I am getting older and forgetful.

Gracing the interwebs this week is a story featuring the court fight between Casey Kasem's wife, Jean, and his children from a previous marriage.  The kiddos want to see their dad and Jean, apparently, is trying to keep them away.  The court battle that took a turn this week when Jean's attorney announced that he had no idea where Casey Kasem was.

A court-ordered search is now underway to find the man with the famous countdown voice.

A man, that I swear, died years ago.  Seriously.  When I read the headline that Kasem was missing, I thought it was some sort of lost corpse story.  I would have argued with anyone who told me Kasem was alive.  I really think I can picture a People magazine cover with his face, upon the occasion of his death.

I guess, like Kasem, I am lost.  Glad to hear he is still among us, even if no one but that batshit crazy wife of his knows where to find him.

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