May 16, 2014

Obama Honesty

Remember that Jim Carrey movie, Liar Liar?  The premise being that Carrey's character was a pathological liar of an attorney (forgive my redundancy) that was forced to tell nothing but the truth for 24 hours, due to his son's birthday wish being granted through some supernatural force.  

Over at one of my daily reads, White House Dossier, author Keith Koffler often posts fictional quotes that seem to express what would come out of Obama's mouth, were he suddenly stricken with a similar 'curse' to be honest at all times.  Here's the latest:
"Of course I'm sticking with Shinseki. I just find it impossible to believe that a government-run health care system could result in anyone's death."
- Barack Obama
A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote. 

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