May 22, 2014

If it's too loud, you're too old.

I spent a good part of my teenage years, and most of my allowance money, on concerts and recorded music.  While we occasionally take in a live music event these days, I have learned that the experience of seeing bands from the Good Old Days can be too much of a reality check.  As in, "Holy crap those guys are old, which means I must be old!"

This past Saturday I attended a concert with a few friends, which was just that sort of event.  I tried, when mentally writing this post, to think of all the bands I have seen live.  That list will take some more time.  It is a lot of bands.  It is a lot of great classic rock bands.  I saw two bands on Saturday that I don't think I ever saw when any of us were in our 'prime' - Styx and Foreigner.

I think Styx has always been a little theatrical, especially in concert, for my tastes.  They have some great music, and they played a few songs that, have since, spurred me to invest in some of their albums.  Foreigner, in the time and place of my teenage years, were a little too 'pop'.  Of course, Jukebox Hero was an anthem for the age, but the rest, particularly their ballads, just weren't my thing, as reinforced by the over-50 crowd waving their iPhone torches and crooning I Want to Know What Love Is to one another.

The opening act, in my opinion, stole the show, Don Felder.  If you are unfamiliar, he was a member of the Eagles and wrote Hotel California.  He is a stellar guitarist, and loaded his set with Eagles tunes, punctuated by a spot on cover of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Pride and Joy.

All of the bands sounded great, even though none of them are touring with all of the original members.  It was the aging physiques still poured into Spandex and glittery jackets, with jowls and wrinkles in hi-def on the big screens that were hard to stomach, no matter how many $7 Shiners I drank.  Tommy Shaw, though, well, that man has aged gracefully, I must say.

I have seen a few 'reunion' tours, and I knew that it wouldn't quite be the concert experience of my younger years.  And yet, when my friend proposed we all get tickets and relive a little of our youth, I didn't hesitate.  It is kind of fun to go to concerts when you can afford the ridiculously priced alcohol, and can spring for the cushy seats with good view and leg room.  I just didn't expect to see so many mobility scooters and walkers.


CenTexTim said...

Rock on, dude! (Or should that be dudette?)

InsomniacSeeker said...

My friend Lisa and her husband Fish did that about 3 years ago at WinStar. Loverboy was "finally" touring again. Lisa and I had seen them twice in the 80s, but they did not age well at all. I swear Mike Reno had to take 5 minutes after every song to suck on an oxygen mask or he would have keeled over.
Now the opening act was aces...The Ramones. They were awesome.
I would probably be terribly disappointed if my very first concert was every back together - The Original Rocklahoma at Owen Field in Norman. It consisted of Pat Benatar, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen and The Doobie Brothers.