May 12, 2014


What is the president doing, other than playing golf? (He squeezed in a round this weekend, bringing this year's count to 12 rounds, for a grand total of 169).

Foreign relations remain embarrassing and dangerous.  Obama won't engage Putin.  Our response to the Boko Haram kidnapping is to tweet a sad face photo of the first lady.  Just icing on the cake after five years of missteps on Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya.

Domestically, his crowning achievement is Obamacare, a disaster that was obvious to many at the start, and is now revealed as such to an ever growing audience of once-believers.

Obama's key agenda items for his second term range from un-Constitutional (gun control), to unpopular (immigration reform), to unsubstantiated (climate change), to un-achievable for this administration (jobs and debt reduction).

Is the president doing anything?  It seems odd that a sampling of the top stories running on two key political sites, give no indication of what it is that the president is 'working' on:

Is he, at least, getting any better at golf?

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CenTexTim said...

Every thing that loser touches turns to crap. I'm at the point where I'd much rather have him flounder around a golf course that mismanage our country's foreign policy.

Speaking of hashtag politics, #obamasucksagiantdonkeydick