May 14, 2014

Because 27% interest ain't so bad

When I am alone in my car I often listen to comedy channels on satellite radio.  This week I heard a black comedian talking about Obama and the economy.  I am too lazy to try and figure out who the comedian was, or to find the bit on YouTube, so I will summarize it for you.

The comedian did take the path often traveled, by saying the Obama inherited an economic mess.  He then went off on a more conservative tangent by noting that not much had improved since Obama took office.  But then he made a point that has stuck with me.

When talking about the reaction to the economy, he compared (what I would consider) Obama's voting base to that of the average conservative, the comedian noted that white people (his words, not mine) were freaked out over economic issues.  White people are most concerned about unemployment and debt, while black people (again, his words), aren't.  He acknowledged that America doesn't have the global might that it once did, and that our credit is shot.  And then he made a joke that went something like this, "Hold on White People, we got this.  Let us show you how to rent-to-own."

Could that be it?  Are there enough 'black people' and other liberals so accustomed to poverty, joblessness, and welfare, that the state of the economy doesn't worry them, because they live poor and don't know any different?  Are there enough of those people to swing an election?

Could it be that there is a significant group of voters that, while perhaps wanting hope and change and a leg up out of the poor house, are so used to it that the thought of being dead broke and needing a hand-out doesn't bother them?

Sheesh, I've had challenging times and low moments in my life, but it never occurred to me to drop my expectation threshold to that level.

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