April 26, 2014

That flies and honey thing

Yesterday afternoon, I spent a few hours in spa luxury; mani-pedi, facial, and, well, the package included a massage, but I don't do massages, so I upgraded my hand and foot treatments to replace the hour of someone torturing me with their hands massage.

This pampering being the ONE annual employee appreciation sort of day that the female paper pushers at the office get have, somewhat loosely tied to administrative professional's day.  There are three of us in my building, and every day we deal with the fact that the two bathrooms in our entry foyer are both marked 'MEN', and the female bathroom is tucked away in a dark corner at the back of the building, behind the kitchen.

My female cohorts process the expense reports of male co-workers that get car allowances larger than some people's salaries, dining tabs with big bar tabs, flights around the nation, golf, clay shoots, crawfish boils, balls, conventions.  Our field employees get a big BBQ or steak cookout at the end of each job.  You know how it goes.  We are all well aware that our industry is still very male-dominated, and we don't suffer much at the sights and costs of this Good Ol' Boy way of doing business.  There are some daily perks, but we do deserve a little something extra every now and then.

So one day out of the year, our office manager plans to take us to lunch and a spa afternoon to keep morale up.  Earlier in the week, she sent out an email reminder that several departmental functions (Payroll, HR, AP/AR, Contracts) would be unavailable at the end of the week, and politely asked for everyone to address their issues with that in mind.

And some asshole complained.  Some testicularly-challenged tool of man, whined that five women would be getting special treatment for one friggin' afternoon.  A complaint logged after he returned from his daily two-hour lunch.  He didn't mind so much that the girls were getting an afternoon out, but felt that the email just rubbed it in everyone's face.  Like seeing his check stub and expense report each week isn't a constant reminder to those 'girls' of how hard his job is.

I feel a real work slow down coming the next time this jerk needs anything from admin in the coming weeks.

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