April 14, 2014


Golf Count: 9 rounds this year, totaling 166 since taking office.

Vacation Count: I think three so far this year.  The Obamas kicked off the year in Hawaii, then the separate vacays in Cali and Aspen, then a weekend in Key Largo while Ukraine burned last month.

May will argue that we are better off when the president is out of the Oval.  I still bristle at the thought of the leader of our country having enough time to golf and vacation while I burn the midnight oil earning a paycheck that the government takes 28% of.

FOD, indeed.


InsomniacSeeker said...

The Wookie and kids went to China, and then a weekend trip to Ireland. I'm pretty sure there was a trip to Brussels for Obummer in there along the way, but that could have been a business trip, you know.

Harper said...

Sheesh, you are right. They squeeze in those side trips tacked on to (what they try to say are) official trips.