April 7, 2014


I realize I have been lax in posting.  Unlike the president, I choose to work hard, help others, complete tasks, and attempt to make a difference in this world.  The past several weeks have been quite busy.  I wish I had time to play golf every Saturday, but, I suppose the president plays enough to cover my shortage.  Current golf count: 8 rounds this year, 165 since he took office.
This morning as I drove to work, I was listening to the news on the radio, as they discussed continuing, and escalating, tension in Ukraine, as well as our country's announcement that we are deploying two more ballistic missile defense destroyers to Japan, to address concerns with North Korea.

The radio host then asked the guest commentator if he could name the greatest foreign policy accomplishment of the Obama administration.

After stuttering for a few seconds, he said that he guessed that the U.S. lead-from-behind policy regarding Libya in 2011, was the best he could come up with, pointing out that the success was short-lived and certainly overshadowed by subsequent events.  The speaker then admitted that he was 'stretching' to come up with that item as an 'accomplishment'.

How do you get past the 5 year mark in a presidency without having a single event in the foreign policy plus column?  Has any other president been such an abysmal failure at foreign relations?

Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Iran...someone should put the leaders of those countries together in one of those poker game paintings, with all of them flying the one-finger salute toward a picture of Obama.

Last week, in a post responding to Samantha Power's comments to Congress on the Palestinian Authority and the U.N., Keith Koffler had this to say about our president and his administration's foreign policy reputation:
What people like Samantha Power don’t understand – a group of people that includes the president of the United States who appointed her – is that spinelessness has its own dynamic.
When the jackals who roam the earth – many such jackals run very powerful countries, BTW – see weakness, they begin to salivate. They decide it’s okay to turn the world order upside down, to ignore the United States, Paper Tiger that it’s becoming, and pursue their own reckless, vicious course of action.
That’s why Iran will soon have a nuclear weapon. That’s why China is threatening our Asian allies. That’s why Syria has become a training ground for a new generation of terrorists, why Iraq is incurring unprecedented violence and the revival of al Qaeda in Iraq, why the Taliban awaits its opportunity, and why there is fear in Europe.
Because everyone knows Samantha Power and her boss will stand down when challenged, because they see them standing down all the time.
Ms. Power doesn’t get that small capitulations on principle to gain a short-term “practical” advantage are signals sent out that will eventually come back and bite her in the ass.
People know that when you have no principles, you have no backbone. Our enemies have principles. They’re bad principles, but they are principles. And they’re willing to die even to make a small point.

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