April 8, 2014


Taking off of the FOD theme, I am declaring today F*ck Bill Gates Day.

Yes, I am still running XP on at least one of my computers.

My home desktop came with XP and a Vista upgrade certificate, which I never bothered with, as the complaints were many and frequent, and XP suited me just fine.  It still does.

We use Windows 7 at work, and I am adept at it, but still prefer XP.

I don't like getting new computers.  Too much hassle, too much stuff to move, too many programs that become unusable or take an act of Congress to find correct drivers for.

As today approached, I considered a new computer purchase.  I have clicked around and compared features and prices.  Likely the exact scenario that Microsoft was envisioning.  I learned that in addition to their new OS, they also are shifting the way that they sell and license their Office Suite.  What they want you to do is buy a subscription to 'Microsoft 365', at about $100 per year.  They argue that the monthly or annual subscription means that you always have the latest version of their office productivity software, and, because it is cloud-based, you can access it remotely (as long as the computer you are using is running Windows 7 or 8).  But you never own the programs, no matter how many months or years you pay.  Stop paying for the subscription and your installed Office programs switch into read-only mode.

Someone in charge of developing new revenue streams in Redmond just got a new corner office.

It is a massive tech shake down of the masses, and I am not tech-savvy enough to dodge the virtual bullets.


CenTexTim said...

FBG +1

Joe Stemm said...

Harper, your killin me.

Get open office, it's open source works on all things word and excel, and the best part, you pay nada. You have to watch how you save created documents, but it'll prompt you to make sure you save them in the right format.

I've been buying used lenovo laptops off best buys web site with Win 7 professional installed. They go cheap, although I had to get a battery and a power cord for one off of amazon, but I'm done paying full price for this crap just to have it go obsolete a year later. By the way stay away from windows 8, unless you want a touchscreen computer and want to pay the extra money.

I plan to use rocks, string and a can when windows 7 goes to the great recyle bin in the sky.