March 27, 2014

The next argument for a path to citizenship...

Social Security Insolvency - Google that and you will get a slew of articles, reports and studies pointing to an estimated 20 year end date for a program that costs American workers millions of dollars out of their paychecks each year.  Assuming they are 15-20 years from 'retirement', they aren't likely to see any of that money again.

Pundits, politicians, and the Trustees of the Social Security program all agree that if something doesn't change, the cash runs out.  The money phrase is found in this quote from Jack Lew:
“But as was true last year, it is projected that the combined Social Security Trust Funds will be exhausted in 2033, and incoming revenues will be insufficient to maintain payment of full benefits starting in that year,” he added.
Using 2010 numbers, the Social Security Administration estimated that illegal aliens working in the United States, contributed some $13 BILLION in payroll taxes, while only $1 BILLION in benefits was paid out to those in the same category.

Our Social Security system is receiving $12 BILLION +/- net gain from illegals each year.  Our system should be flush.  Where in the heck did our political system get so broken that we, the sane people who can figure out basic math - never mind actuarial tables, let the entitlements and welfare systems of our country get so big that a $12 BILLION gift each year isn't even a drop in the proverbial bucket?

Can't you hear it now, "We can't deport illegals or Social Security will go broke."

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