March 22, 2014

The best laid plans

Sub-title: Never send a man to do a woman's job.

I got Bang and Mr. H out the door at the crack of dawn this morning, headed to Bang's track meet.  It is the first of the season, and the first big track event that our family will have attended, as well as being the school's inaugural event.  The school doesn't even have a track, the kids just practice on and around the soccer field, but they wanted to compete, and the school obliged them.

The meet was supposed to be huge, 40 schools had entered.  I am not sure if it turned out to be 40 tiny track teams, or if some were scared off by the weather, which has been cold and rainy, but, the little bit of info that Mr. H has passed on is that there aren't that many kids in attendance.  All the information we were given by our coaches was that runners needed to be at the track (40+ miles from our home) by 8:30 am at the latest.  Mr. H was supposed to observe and give me an idea as to how long each event was taking, so I could load up the other kids and make it to the track for Bang's last two events this afternoon.

Some five hours after their arrival, I got a series of texts, first telling me that Bang was not going to run his last two events - that he would only run the 800M, then everything was back on.  Mr. H finally called to say they were running the first race.  Was this the actual schedule?  Rain delay?  Some other issue?  "I dunno."

How many kids does it look like are running the first race?  How many heats will it take?  "I dunno.  Hard to tell which kids are practicing and which kids are gathering to race."

Have you talked to a coach? "No."  Are they following the schedule? "I dunno."

Historically, men can strategize and execute complicated battle plans, troubleshoot mechanical problems, organize logistical nightmares, why are youth events such landmines for them?  Want to see a deer-in-the-headlights look?  Mention school play dress rehearsals and concession stand schedules.  I know a few great Mr. Moms, but for the most part, I don't think we females need to worry about getting displaced by men when it comes to navigating school and sports events.

I think I will head toward the track now, as my request for a simple text each time a new event starts have yielded the information I was asking for all along, and have allowed me to make a reasonable estimation of the event start times.

Did I mention that while jumping up to answer one of the useless phone calls, I collided with a Labrador and have most definitely broken a toe, and possibly a metatarsal?  Yeah, so Mr. H gets to live that down, too.

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