March 21, 2014

Shake & Bake

Boys are stupid and it is fun to laugh at them.  I once had a boyfriend whose roommate decided to 'try on' another roommate's contact lenses one day.  Who does that?  (Answer: boys.)

I haven't seen many girls on YouTube doing stupid stunts or pranks, that territory seems to be firmly held by the males of the species.  In this video, a couple of Swedish guys (proving it isn't just American males that have a Jackass mentality) strap TENS units to their arms, crank up the current, and try to make a cake.

You don't have to sit through all of it, but it does get more funny as it goes on.


CenTexTim said...

I wish I could rebut your premise, but...

Speaking of Jackass, check this out.

It's about someone from the TV show Jackass who jumped off a 30' high bridge into the San Antonio River. What he didn't know is that the river is only 4' deep.

He wasn't hurt, but in true slacker fashion he blamed the city for not posting signs warning people to not jump of the bridge.

You can't fix stupid...

Harper said...

Our former drunken mayor pulled a similar stunt years ago - he was apparently putting on some sort of show as if he were going to harm himself by jumping off a local bridge because some girl broke up with him. He ended up waist deep in clay mud and had to be pulled out by the fire department. People still laugh about it years later.