March 29, 2014

Need more options

I'm a Turbo Tax girl.

I am not stupid, but I do not have the time or inclination to wade through tax code.  I do not desire to make a simple mistake and suffer the wrath of the IRS, whose agents, incidentally, mostly use computer-based programs similar to Turbo Tax, to audit returns.  My return isn't terribly complex, so I am usually comfortable with this method.

Turbo Tax doesn't always ask the right questions.  Or, it asks them in a way that does not offer the sort of answer I think I need to select.  Most years, I can cross-reference actual tax code, read the instructions, put a pencil to a worksheet, and feel pretty confident that I am inputting the correct information.

Through careful planning, dumb luck, and four kids, I have never had to pay the IRS at the end of the tax year.

This year ain't looking so good.  Luckily, I know a great CPA that is going to help maximize what he can to minimize the check writing, as well as warn me of the pitfalls that caused this situation for the year.  He is even more fabulous in that he will login to my Turbo Tax account and do his magic, versus charging me by the hour for him to enter basic information.  So, I have spent a few hours making sure everything I had was entered, clicking through each section, so my tax guy can make the best use of his time when I turn it over to him.

This morning I was finishing up, clicking through the final sections of Turbo Tax.  And there it was at the end.  THE question.  Just after something about foreign accounts, and donating $3 to the presidential campaign fund, there was the one question that I knew was coming, but had kinda forgotten about in the midst of the numerical soup of forms I had been wading through.  "Do you have health insurance?"

I will admit that I expected a more technical-sort of query.  The simplicity of the question stirs up Clinton-esque responses, such as, "It depends on how you define 'insurance'."  Many people put their faith in things other than a written, and paid for, commercial policy.  I think I could probably always make an argument for answering 'yes' to the question, no matter my actual participation in the sort of plan that I know they are intending to quiz me about.

I clicked 'yes' and moved on, but really, really, think that there should be a third option.  Might I suggest, "It is none of your f'ing business."

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Mel said...

I clicked 'yes' and moved on, but really, really, think that there should be a third option. Might I suggest, "It is none of your f'ing business."

Or you could suggest S+W Ruger, Glock, Winchester etc.