March 24, 2014


In preparation for the Obama entourage's tour of the Great Wall this weekend, nearby vendors were told to suspend display and sale of a popular T-shirt.  
After taking the gondola back down to the parking lot, several reporters fanned out and stopped at t-shirt stalls to investigate a tip — that merchants had been told to temporarily suspend sales of t-shirts that show President Obama in a Mao hat.
That tip turned out to be true. Several merchants denied carrying such items, but one merchant quietly took this correspondent to the back of her tent and showed off a whole box of the popular, normally seen t-shirts. As we were negotiating prices – she wanted 360 yuan, or roughly $60, an outrageous starting price – other merchants came by, and in Chinese, told her to be careful. The merchant became visibly rattled and put the t-shirts away.
 I wonder why anyone would worry about offending Moochelle and the kids by displaying for sale a shirt that depicts her husband, in what is likely considered to be, a compliment by Communist Chinese standards.

Obama would likely wet himself at the thought of achieving socialist goals anywhere close to what Mao is credited with.  He's well on his way.

FOD Golf Tally:  7 rounds this year.  164 during his reign.

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