March 10, 2014


Unemployment is still a thing.  3.8 million people are counted as long-term unemployed, which are the people still on the radar because they haven't given up on finding a job yet.  What a sad day, when 'experts' look at labor reports such as this one and say that it is good news, simply because it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be.  That's a heck of a legacy, "The Obama Years, it could have been worse."

Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster that Dims are running from, in last ditch efforts to save their midterm hides.

Last week, Obama unveiled his 2015 "budget".  Entitlement reform?  Hell. No.  Paul Ryan aptly commented that, 'This budget isn’t a serious document, it’s a campaign brochure.'

Three Americans are missing along with over 200 other souls, vanished along with their airplane, somewhere in the South China Sea.

But, hey, it is Spring Break, and it has been three weeks since the president had a vacation, so the Obamas are in Key West.  

I wonder if Putin ever pees his pants, laughing at our president.

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