March 17, 2014

FOD - Russia needs Caller ID edition

Last evening, reading of the Crimean 'vote' to break from Ukraine and (re)join Russia, I was struck by the apparent lack of phone technology in Russia.  One of the articles I read mentioned Obama making a third call to Putin, as well as John Kerry speaking to his Russian counterpart, to denounce their actions.

I can't imagine why Putin is still taking Obama's calls - unless they don't have Caller ID in Russian, and he is expecting someone else.  Why in the world would Putin, or anyone in his government, take calls from ours?  Entertainment value?

"Hey Sergei, he 'condemned' my actions again.  I do not think this word means what he thinks it means."
"Put Kerry on speaker, he is going on and on about his 'strong concerns'. We shall make it a drinking game.  One shot of vodka for his every 'concern'."

Could the USA look any more impotent?  Can't you just see Obama stomping his foot as he tells Putin that he rejects the results of the vote?  The Crimean vote doesn't count because the King of America says it doesn't count.  Or something like that.

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CenTexTim said...

barry skipped another national security team meeting on Ukraine over the weekend. No word on whether he was playing golf or filling out his NCAA tournament bracket instead.