March 3, 2014

FOD afternooner

Incredibly slammed for a snow day...

Kids are out of school, again.  I think they will be going until mid-June now, to make up the days.  Work hectic, despite everything else being shut down.

I forgot to post my original FOD, and something else is on my mind right this minute, so in tribute to the other, I say this, cutting the military while trying to exert 'influence' over Russia makes us the laughingstock of the world.  Again.

What is bugging me right this minute, and what I absolutely feel falls definitively into the FOD category is this:
Texans are again being asked to conserve electricity to maintain the power grid's reliability amid freezing temperatures, according to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. 
ERCOT anticipates that morning's rush will be hardest on the grid so the conservation warning is expected to last into Monday morning. It's too early to tell  how the thunder sleet that hit North Texas on Sunday will affect Monday's commute. Several area school districts already closed or are starting late. 
Thermostats should be turned as low as comfortably possible, preferably no higher than 68 degrees. Homeowners are also urged not to use big appliances. 
Can someone explain to me, with households full of government mandated Energy Star appliances and non-incandescent light bulbs - things that are saving millions of watts of energy every freaking day,  why do we now have 'power emergencies' all the damn time?

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Mel said...

Yes in two words "government mandated".
My first year of heating with a heat pump was a little shy of $500.00 a month three times the cooling cost of summer months.
I installed two space heaters (3500btu and a 1500btu)along with a propane tank. It cost less than $500 and 250 gallons of propane usually get me through a winter although these polar vortexes will probably cost me a little more this year.
Stay warm. Don't worry with the new smart meters if you use to much power our power company will just shut off the juice for 15 or 20 minutes!
And with any luck your kids will be out of school by the 4th of July!