March 18, 2014

False Hope

It has been 11 days since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared.

At this point, one would hope, expect, presume, that the search would, at the very least, be narrowed down to some area, direction or scope that was a product of conclusive evidence or information.  Each day, it seems, this situation grows more muddled, the story more bizarre.

The search area now encompasses some 2.2 million miles.  Where they spent the first days looking seems to have been a complete waste of time.  The plane, it is now believed, could be anywhere from Kazakhstan to the middle of the Indian Ocean, between Australia and Madagascar.

I don't want to discuss the conjecture regarding crew, their possible deliberate actions, the political leanings of anyone on board, or any other media-hyped report that is desperately trying to provide a 'why' and 'how' to something that simply isn't known.

While I can't imagine the pain and despair the families must be feeling, I can clearly see the impact that the media makes by reporting every minute scrap of 'information'.  Locally, American Paul Wood's girlfriend and brother have been on the news, both of them proclaiming their belief that the plane landed safely somewhere, and that their loved one is alive.  It simply isn't rational or reasonable, but in the face of knowing nothing, I suppose I can understand their choice to believe something so illogical.  And the media's conspiracy theories fuel their fire.

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