February 18, 2014

Why Texas is better than California

I came to Texas kicking and screaming as a teenager, loathe to leave my childhood friends behind, and sad to move 8+ hours away from a close extended family.  I still love that family, but feel relief wash over me each time I see the Midwest in my rearview, headed back south on I-35 after a visit.  It really is better in Texas.  Sure, we struggle with the oppression out of D.C., and the liberal scourge that is found in some of our large cities, but the vast majority of Texans - whether natural born, or blessedly transplanted - will ferociously protect the tenets of personal freedom, property rights, the 2nd Amendment, and the superiority of Shiner beer and Texas Country music.

My friend Charlie Delta is a left coaster who is forgiven for his state of residence because he would be in Texas if he could, recognizing the insanity that reigns in Cali.  Here is a run-down of some of the key differences:

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InsomniacSeeker said...

Knew he was going to say "in the backyard", when he made the statement about the skeet shooting.