February 6, 2014

Snick Day

This morning dawned cold.  I hadn't slept well, waking often, and hearing that the heat was blowing in earnest, never kicking off, because our southern climate heat pump struggles to keep the house warm when it is 15 flippin' degrees outside.

It took every ounce of grown-up-edness to crawl out from my warm cocoon of blankets and into the shower at 5:30 am.  We got ready for our day.  As the kids ate breakfast, the snow started to fall.  And it was actual snow for a change, not north Texas ice.  We layered up and headed out.

The kids' school is on a hill.  A steep, S-curve of a hill when approached from the north, as we do.  As soon as I turned onto the road, I knew something was wrong as there were cars stopped.  No one could get up the hill.  Those with four-wheel drive probably could have made it with some momentum, but dozens of cars were stopped, and sliding sideways backward.  Not to mention those coming down the hill and curve sliding along.  Everyone was turning around, which we did as well.  The snow was coming down harder.  We headed for the long way around, with the intention of going to school.  Three miles and 30 minutes later, I made a command 'mom' decision and headed home with the kids.  We stopped for the obligatory storm-induced gallon of milk, and snack supplies for a snow day at home.

The minute I walked into the store, I started sneezing uncontrollably.  Then came the watery eye.  Just the left one, as if someone turned on a faucet. Then the nose, and throat and bleh.  Have you ever come down with a cold like that?  Like you walked right into a wall of snot and congestion?  Sick day.

Turned out to be a double good call, the turning around.  I was feeling like crap, and it took the schools about ten minutes to announce that they would be dismissing early, which would have likely been another treacherous and long commute to pick them up.

Snow day + sick day = Snick Day

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