February 25, 2014


In my little town this morning, a bunch of people just lost their jobs.  Some people in the know had already cleaned house, but the rest were greeted with a local paper headline about a horse farm busted for importing and employing illegal aliens.  Now, I will admit that these workers were treated far worse than most I know, and, yes, I know a few.  No, I don't ask for green cards or papers upon meeting someone, but there is an assumption made, whether it be ranch work, yard work, construction...some number of those folks are likely in our country illegally.

This case was egregious in that the farm owner, allegedly, didn't allow his workers to have a vehicle.  They never left the ranch on their own, only getting to go to the store once a week when he took them to town.  As you would imagine, they were paid well below the minimum wage.  Does that justify a full-on federal raid?

This is a small town, so when Homeland Security first came investigating, leaving calling cards on gates and talking to neighbors, word traveled fast.  This action, apparently, based on one disgruntled employee getting wise and alerting authorities.

Why do calls to investigate child abusers go unanswered?  Why is any American hungry, homeless, jobless?  Why does our government devote seemingly infinite resources to protecting and defending the plight of people, whose very presence in our country is unlawful to begin with, while unspeakable crime and violence affects American citizens every minute of every day?

Yes, all life is precious.  Yes, all humans deserve to be treated as such.  But, people who make choices to accept something less for a buck, to break a law, to cheat a system - why should they receive more care or attention than innocent children, or lawful citizens?

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Mel said...

"To cheat a system" from the last paragraph explains it all. When my Dad walked me through my first tax return he stressed addition. The reason being the IRS would spend a thousand dollars to prove you cheated them out of a penny.