February 2, 2014

On Brotherhood

Last night I finally saw Lone Survivor.

I am acutely aware of the supporters, the detractors, and the artistic license that every movie takes with a based-on-a-true-life story.  There are only four men who know every detail of what happened on that mountain, three of them gave their lives there, and no matter how well-meaning the lone survivor is, even his memory is colored by his personal experience and the sheer immensity of the situation.

The film was hard to watch, due to the film industry's great strides in special effects, and the realistic portrayal of the sights and sounds of battle.

It is a gripping story.  The screenwriters and director managed to stay apolitical.  The movie is, quite simply, about the operation, the firefight, and the outcome, which is exactly why so many artsy movie critic types didn't like it.  Contrary to their views, I didn't require extensive character development to comprehend that men in combat are willing to die for one another.  Sure, they love and serve their country, but when it comes right down to it, they fight, and sacrifice, for each other.  Is there any greater story to be told?

My heart is heavy today, for 19 people I never knew, that died nearly nine years ago.  Today also marks the one year anniversary of the murder of ex-Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield, so I am further saddened by loss - senseless, heart-wrenching, heroic loss.  Prayers and thanks to all who serve, and God bless their families.

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