February 19, 2014

Olympic Whiners

As the Olympics began, the advance team of media wonks were quick to take their lodging complaints and photographs to social media.  And, let's be honest, there were some inexcusable conditions, no matter the host country.  Somehow, the story became 'spoiled Americans' instead of 'unprepared host country'.  Lack of manhole covers and breaker boxes in showers, in any country, are an accident waiting to happen.

Last Saturday, the USA Men's Hockey team beat Russia in an eight-round shoot out overtime victory.  Earlier in the game, a Russian goal was waved off due to the net being off of its mooring.  Yes, an American referee made the call on the ice, but, replay hockey goals are reviewed by a group of 'video officials' in a booth, who call in the final decision to the on ice referee.  That didn't stop Russia and Russians from claiming an American conspiracy.  Even the head of the Russian parliament's foreign affairs committee Tweeted about it.  Apparently, he wasn't part of the Russian contingent that watched the play frame-by-frame and agreed that the call was correct.

Earlier this week, America won gold in ice dancing.  Arguments about it (not) being a 'sport' aside, the American team's training partners, who compete for Canada, were quick to bitch about not getting enough attention from the (Russian) coach that both teams share.  Apparently the shared coaching gig wasn't a problem when the Canadians won gold and the Americans took silver.  Nor was it as issue in any lead up to the competition and the numerous feature stories about how the two teams train together and share a coach.  Nope, it wasn't a problem until the whiny ass Canadians took second place.

For the record, every girl I have ever known named 'Tessa' was a raving bitch.  Add 'ice dancer' to the equation, and no one should be surprised.

I am about sick of the whiners.  Especially considering that an extremely high number of foreign athletes train in the United States.  I caught part of a Tony Kornheiser rant yesterday that I will paraphrase - If you want your own coach/training facility/top of the line equipment/team of experts - pony up the money.  And, I think, you should have to train in the country you plan to represent at the Olympics.

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