February 11, 2014

Olympic notes

The Good:

It sure is pretty in Sochi for those of us sheltered by/treated to only the televised money shots of the venues and views of the Caucasus Mountains.

I like the sport of the Olympics, not so much the hold hands and sing Kumbaya as one big happy world part, but more the opportunity to see so many world class athletes compete in so many sports in a short period of time.

Tucker West is almost guaranteed a date out of all this.

Curling pants.  Fantastic!

The guy that announces some of the skiing events, Chad Salmela.  He is enthusiastic.  And a screamer.

The Bad:

Bob Costas' pink eyes.  Sheesh, I squint and squirm just looking at him.  Glad to hear he is taking a day off.

White ski suits.  Notably, the Swedish cross-country ski suits.  At the beginning, Crash noted that he could 'see their underwear', by the end of the race, with sweat likely being a factor, the suits were even more transparent.

The halfpipe, apparently.  Shaun White was diplomatic in describing the conditions, but then shredded it anyway.

Todd Harris, whose snowboard play-by-play announcer vernacular makes me feel woefully old and uncool.

The Inexplicable:

Johnny Weir.  Seriously.  Earlier in the week, he styled his hair into, what was described as, a braided tiara.  He has worn these outfits:

C'mon, NBC, whatever happened to the standard issue of polo shirts, sweaters and blazers with the corporate and Olympic logos?

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