February 21, 2014

Location, location, location

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A group of Girl Scouts are making quick work of their ongoing cookie sales by setting up shop outside marijuana dispensaries, according to published reports.
The East Bay Express reported that Girl Scout troops have boosted sales by targeting the pot clubs in the Bay Area.

I am surprised that we haven't heard more of these stories from the states that allow legal recreational sales.  (For the record, Colorado GS officials tweeted that they don't allow cookie sales in front of marijuana or liquor stores - but they do allow kids with penises to be Girl Scouts).

Of course, the cookie mom in the California story was quick to find moral high ground, saying that part of the decision to sell cookies outside of medical marijuana dispensaries is to provide a 'teachable moment' for the girls, to show that people that 'need' medical marijuana aren't strung out, they are just nice normal people with 'serious needs' - and those needs result in the munchies.

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