February 24, 2014


Though I am generally opposed to inviting the government into my home, I have a proposition.  I think everyone should have a taxpayer funded expenditure clock in their home.  Like the popular debt clock widgets on blogs, or the big digital debt clocks at political conventions, only this one will have a Jerry Lewis-worthy timpani roll and running total each time that taxpayer money is used to fund something that most taxpayers would never dream of voluntarily funding.  "Obamaclocks"

Here is my 'for instance'.

Sitting in front of the TV, phone, tablet or laptop in hand, checking social media while waiting for the Daytona 500 to crank back up, and *ding*, there on Twitter is another taxpayer funded commercial goading you to sign up for Obamacare:

The Obamaclock would light up, an alarm would sound, and ta-da, here is the running total of how much of your wealth has been redistributed today.  It's okay, it's for people that need healthcare.  And have Twitter accounts.

Over the course of the NBC Olympic coverage, I would surmise that I saw the Magic Johnson Obamacare commercial at least a dozen times.  The first time, I turned to my husband and said, "Did the man with AIDS just tell me I needed to sign up for a healthcare plan?"  And then I remarked about how offensive it was to know that we paid for that commercial.

I think a lot more people would be offended if they were constantly reminded of what their tax dollars pay for, hence the clock idea.  Now, if I can design it with some NSA eavesdropping capability, I can probably get the government to buy it.  Forget "a chicken in every pot", we need "an Obamaclock in every home".

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