February 17, 2014

FOD - President's Day Edition

Do you think that Obama realizes that President's Day isn't about him?

The current occupant of the Oval Office spent the weekend in California, golfing (161st round of his presidency), while his wife and daughters jetted off to Aspen for a weekend of skiing.

Other world leaders celebrated their country's athletes in Sochi, Russia, at the Olympics.  Some likely visited their troops, met with lawmakers, or tried to educate themselves as to the plight of their people.

Not our boy, no way.  He works so hard that he needs a weekend with the boys.  After all, it has been nearly six weeks since his Hawaiian vacation ended.

Well, what do we expect in a country where Groupon thinks Hamilton was a president, and more people than I would care to admit didn't even recognize the mistake?  We enable this sort of activity by our apathy and ignorance.  C'mon America, wake up and take back your government.  This President's Day, let's remember leaders who were willing to risk their lives for our freedom.  Who sought to establish a representative government, to prevent tyranny.

I don't know what the answer is to our presidential problems, but I know the answer can't be found on the golf course.

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