February 4, 2014

Could you investigate some real criminals?

How many drug dealers do you think there are in New York?  Is catching the one that sold a celebrity some heroin worth days and hours of police resources?

I understand that there may be some deadly batch of heroin on the streets, but, aren't all batches of heroin potentially deadly?  Isn't filling a syringe with something you bought from some guy on the street a deadly gamble, no matter what you think is in the syringe?

I appreciate that the death of a celebrity, who had, by some reports, up to 80 heroin baggies in his apartment, shines an extra light on any police investigation.  I can also appreciate the unique opportunity that a case involving a celebrity provides, since they are recognizable, and more people are likely to have remembered seeing them.

But, really, what outcome does the NYPD expect from gathering surveillance footage of a dead junkie's last drug buy?  Is there a misguided belief that they will recognize the seller and make an arrest?  Is it simply an exercise in trying to identify this strain of heroin?  Are they trying to stage a CSI-worthy investigation for the media and family?

For me, it comes down to the same thing.  And, in full disclosure, I haven't ever had a friend or family member that was a junkie, so I might feel different in another life.  Yes, I realize that there is drug violence in the world, but this isn't that.  Some rich celebrity hurt himself with drugs.  Throwing thousands of dollars worth of resources into finding out every detail of his drug use and death isn't likely to help anyone.  Let it go.  Move on.  Recognize the importance of self-responsibility and realize that the responsible person has already paid for his mistake.

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