February 26, 2014


From north of Houston, we have yet another (un)intended consequence of a school's zero tolerance policies.
Christi Seale said her 17-year-old son Chaz was running late Monday and accidentally grabbed a beer instead of a soda to pack in his lunch.
When Chaz realized his mistake, Seale said he immediately gave it to a teacher at Livingston High School, about 90 minutes north of Houston.
But the school didn't buy the story. The teacher called the principal and Chaz was suspended for three days. He will also have to attend an alternative school for two months.
Suspended for three days and alternative school for two months, for a freakin' can of Coors Light?

In the article, the student's mom makes the key point -  this kid has been punished for doing the right thing.  He is receiving the same punishment that would be given to a kid who intentionally brought a beer to school and got caught with it.  Though I do have to point out that thanks to the president's wife, that can of soda he intended to bring would likely get him in a heap of trouble, as well.

Many moons ago, I was taking a summer school class.  For reasons I do not remember, I drove my mom's car to school one day.  I do remember that it was a Wednesday, because Tuesday nights were my mom's rec league softball games.  That Wednesday morning, I got pulled out of class and questioned about what I was driving.  Yes, the silver Datsun (showing my age) instead of my black Ford.  Well, the problem hinged on the clearly visible 12-pack cartons of beer in the hatchback, remnants of my mom's turn to bring the post-game beer the night before.

Thankfully, it was still an age of sanity, and one call to my mother and a stern reminder to check for contraband before driving onto campus again, was enough.

Schools don't care to weigh issues with common sense.  More disturbing is that schools have no regard for parents.  Yes, I agree that there are many parents that cover for their kids when they shouldn't, but have we really sunk so far that none of us can be trusted?

Tip for the Seale family:  buy your beer in bottles, preferably ones that say "Shiner" on the label, and you shouldn't have this problem again.


Titan Mk6B said...

A friend and I got caught drinking a beer at lunchtime in his car in the school parking lot (with brand new Datsuns in it) by the Dean of Boys at my high school. After a nervous couple of minutes he said let me have a drink and then told us to be more careful.

Sure could get away with a lot more back then.

CenTexTim said...

Zero tolerance is just an easy way out for administrators. It frees them from the responsibility of making decisions.

Sadly, in this case the lesson it teaches is to hide and cover-up honest mistakes.

That will prepare him for a career in politics.