January 28, 2014

Wheelchair Truthers

This is really happening.

In my life, I have known (and liked) a man that truly believed that dinosaurs never existed.

I have known someone that was really, truly convinced that the moon landings did not take place.

I know all kinds of crazy; some tolerable, some objectionable, and some that can argue their case convincingly (though they are still batshit nuts).

These people that are now claiming that Greg Abbott has been/could be faking a catastrophic spinal cord injury are beyond the pale.  Do they realize how idiotic they sound when they claim that Abbott has been faking the need to use a wheelchair for the past THIRTY YEARS, as part of his master plan to run for governor?

The silver lining in this bizarro world is watching the wheels come off the Davis campaign.  Wingbats don't realize the damage they do to their candidate by publicly voicing outrageous claims.  This keeps up, and Davis will be defending Abbott.

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