January 2, 2014

"The Stockholm Syndrome of Statism"

How many basic, Constitution-based, foundational rights are lost to children born in America today?  When an American child takes their first breath, how much of their freedom is already gone?

Recently, there have been several stories in the news about interior border control checkpoints.  My family travels to points south and west in Texas, and there are interior checkpoints on our routes.  I suppose because they have always been there, all my life, and I appreciate the effort to stop illegals from getting any further inland, I never stopped to think about how they violated my rights as a natural born citizen.

This morning, I read a story about a new Oregon law that allows mothers to keep their placentas after childbirth.  (Not my thing, ewwww.) Why does a hospital, or politician, get to decide whether or not you can keep something that came out of your own body?  How insulting for the government to pass a law allowing humans to keep something of their own natural creation.

And the big story of the week, Colorado's heavily regulated and taxed recreational pot industry started selling weed yesterday. And it is this issue that prompted some gentleman named Bruce Fenton to post this FB status:
People are cheering in the streets in Colorado over pot legalization.

An odd world we live in when it's considered some kind of amazing thing to be free enough to own a naturally growing plant without being beaten, caged, handcuffed or having your dog shot and your possessions seized.

This is the Stockholm Syndrome of statism: people so convinced that they need the state and that the state magically grants natural human rights that civilians cheer when they are temporarily not being beaten.

No. Instead I propose that the government has no ever-loving business beating, caging, stealing from or harming anyone for anything unless that person is harming another.

We don't need men with boots and uniforms busting down our doors and those of fellow Americans because of who they love or marry, what they smoke or don't smoke, what they read, who or what they worship and how many guns they own. It's no business of government to take our money to pay police to harm our friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters for actions some politician has decided are a threat to the power of the state,

When politicians decide to reward us petty citizens with a "freedom" like that being done in Colorado - I don't cheer them, I don't thank them, I say "Who the f--- do you think you are to take these freedoms to begin with?"
Exactly.  To the behemoth that is our municipal, state, and federal government, who the f*ck do you think you are to give and take freedoms that are supposed to be a birthright?

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