January 30, 2014

The Stereotype Game

Mr. H and I traded vehicles this week, as he has been chauffeuring work associates and their luggage to and fro.  Mr H does not subscribe to satellite radio in his car, as the local ESPN Radio affiliate fulfills all of his auditory commuting needs.  Not having our usual satellite stations to listen to, the kids have radio surfed around as we travel to school each morning.

This morning, on a Dallas-Fort Worth station, described as "hot adult contemporary", the deejays were doing a bit they called something like "Name the Stereotype".  We missed the first part of it, and the official title, but caught the last three segments.  The gist of the bit was that one of the crew described a news story, and the other people in the booth were each asked to guess if the subjects of the story were 'black', 'white', or 'other'.

One of the stories was about the man collecting disability money for blindness, that got caught driving a speedboat and driving to collect the disability check.  They all correctly guessed that he was white.  Because, apparently, only white men commit disability fraud.

Another story was about teenagers that broke into a liquor store, stealing liquor, cash and lotto tickets, and even calling friends and offering curbside delivery of stolen items.  Even with the blatant racism one would expect with such a game, each of the deejays apologized before correctly guessing 'black'.  And that was without the dead giveaway knowledge that the stolen liquor included 55 cases of Hennessy.

The other story we heard was about a man in Philadelphia wrecking his car, getting out of the vehicle, dropping his pants and pleasuring himself in the middle of the street.  The deejays unanimously agreed that it had to be a white guy, because every story you hear about public masturbation is a white guy (thanks Pee Wee Herman and Fred Willard).  The fact that the man crashed his car into a fried chicken restaurant wasn't even enough to sway the 'white guy' opinion.

I was a morbidly fascinated by the bit, wondering how blatant racial stereotyping on a public broadcast hadn't been pilloried or censored by the overtly PC world we live in.  I felt a little guilty letting my kids listen to it, but heck, at least they didn't see the video:

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