January 15, 2014

Target's neverending Christmas gift

Dear Target Guest, 

As you may have heard or read, Target learned in mid-December that criminals forced their way into our systems and took guest information, including debit and credit card data. Late last week, as part of our ongoing investigation, we learned that additional information, including name, mailing address, phone number or email address, was also taken. I am writing to make you aware that your name, mailing address, phone number or email address may have been taken during the intrusion.
I am not a frequent Target shopper.  It was downright unlucky, ill-timed convenience that caused me to make three purchases from Target in the past two months.  Now that I have been 'affected' by this Target situation, I dug a little deeper and what I have found disturbs me even more.

As you might have read here, one of my debit/credit cards was identified as being potentially affected by the breach.  It has since been replaced and I am working through that pain in the ass process. 

Last week, the news trickled out that more than credit card info was compromised, that some people's address, phone numbers and email addresses were taken.  I didn't think too much about it, since I do not have a Target 'Red' card or any other sort of relationship with Target that would involve the sort of information they were talking about.

When the above email hit my inbox this evening it became crystal clear to me, the dots that I hadn't yet connected - online purchase information was hacked.

Before Thanksgiving, Target had a sale on XBox games - buy two get one free.  I noticed the ad in the Sunday paper insert and ordered three games.  That is the only transaction I had with Target that would have provided the information that 'may' have been taken.  When my debit card was canceled, it caused me to look back over the three Target purchases I made and refresh my memory of how they were paid for.  One was American Express, one Mr. H swiped his (unaffected) card and on one I used my debit card - and that one transaction was the online purchase.

That raises another issue.  Target claims the breach happened between November 27 and December 15.  Don't let those dates fool you.  My online purchase was November 10.

The email I received goes on to offer one year of free credit monitoring.  Problem is, I have to get an activation code via email, after providing my name and address on a Target website.  Yeah, I feel real good about giving you my name and email again. Your store name has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

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KatWA55 said...

Guess what I got in my email today? That's right. this very email from Target. I don't even remember when I went there or what I bought. Here I was feeling bad for you and glad it wasn't me. Good grief...