January 21, 2014

Road Rage

There is an elevated level of stress in my life right now.  Work is a disaster.  With the holidays and then school finals last week, my kids haven't yet settled into a normal routine, so home is discombobulated.  Normal ebb and flow, but this week, in particular, is more of a manic peak, and when I am busy like that, I tend to get a little chippy.

I am, at all times, a vocal driver.  I have little patience for idiots on the road, and as anyone that has been on the streets in recent memory will tell you, there are far too many unqualified drivers.  I think that 'talking' to the people who cut me off and fail to signal turns, helps me vent frustration that would otherwise build up.  It has resulted in my children repeating some colorful phrases, but, they also know what is expected of them on that future day that they are behind the wheel.

This morning, my progress was impeded by no fewer than four people that were blatantly texting while driving.  Then, at the next-to-the-last stoplight before my destination, I was cut off by a woman in a Mercedes SUV.  She cut across my lane  to get in the left turn lane.  The light was red, so she maximized her time by applying mascara.  I should have taken a photograph of her personalized plate, to share in my utter disgust at not only her driving, but her attitude.

Her plate read "IMA BOSS".  No, lady, it should be "IMA LUCKY" because given the opportunity, I would have put you in the ditch.  Let's hope our paths don't cross again.

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CenTexTim said...

Slap one of these on the front of your SUV. I have one on my truck and luxury car drivers tend to give me a wide berth. Plus the company HQ is in Shiner TX.

Of course, I also drive a beat-up 1995 pickup. That could have something to do with the space cushion I get...