January 18, 2014

Poetic Justice or Karma or something like that

Like most big cities, the Dallas-Fort Worth television market has its share of commercials for ambulance chasing shysters.  One such bloodsucker is a man by the name of Brian Loncar.  He even has a nickname, 'The Strongarm', though I don't think nicknames really count if you give them to yourself.

Loncar's commercials feature 'real clients' waving checks at the camera, and announcing how much money they got after being in a wreck.  His tagline is "When you get hurt in a car wreck, you need someone to fight for you." and that he will get you "the money you deserve".  None of the 'clients' featured in the commercials look smart enough to know how much Brian's check was as a result of their settlement.

Mr. Loncar got in a little fender bender himself back in 2009.  While driving his 2008 Bentley, The Strongarm was T-boned by a Dallas Fire Engine running lights and sirens on a call.  Both of those vehicles, as well as a minivan that was caught up in the carnage, were totaled.  Minor injuries to firemen and the minivan occupants, while Loncar was seriously injured.  In addition to a broken pelvis, 10 broken ribs, and a collapsed lung, Loncar...
...was left with a scar from his groin to midchest, no spleen, gouges left from a catheter bag and chest tube, and memories of many hours of painful rehabilitation. He said he feared he might be permanently disabled and become addicted to painkillers.

He's almost completely recovered but still has numbness in his left leg.
Despite being hospitalized for a month, his own team of attorneys managed to file the personal injury claim against the city of Dallas within 5 days after the wreck.  And despite the numbness in his leg, Loncar manages to train and compete in triathlons.

The case moved forward for a bit, but has now been thrown out as the court asserted that the city was protected by qualified immunity.  I hope that puts an end to the taxpayer's footing the bill against this leech, but probably not. 

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