January 29, 2014

Naughty Waldo

Yesterday on the way to school, Bang was telling me that his English teacher had asked the students to write an opinion essay on whether or not they supported the idea to read abridged or altered versions of literary works.

Currently, Bang is reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in English class.  The book's frequent, casual and true-to-the-period use of the 'n-word' is behind the essay assignment.  Apparently, someone suggested that the school use an abridged version of the book that changes the 'n-word' to the word 'slave', in most cases.  To the teacher's credit, she did not express her own opinion about the possibility of using an abridged text when asking the kids to write their essays.
We had a stimulating discussion about the matter, and I was particularly cautious in expressing my beliefs, taking care to try to pull an independent thought out of my child.  While I am trying to raise him to reflect my moral and ethical standards, I want him to craft his own opinions, not just parrot my own.
He didn't disappoint, and, in fact, added some points to my thoughts, as to why it is wrong to try to change a classic work of literature, rather than embrace it as it was written and learn from it.
In doing some background research for his essay, he came across this article and thought I would appreciate reading it, which tells me that, mostly on his own, he has come to the same conclusion as the article's author, "The limitless bounds of politically-correct cultural absurdity have finally extended to the furthest realms of the book world."

Some people can't even stomach a simple 'Where's Waldo?" illustration without getting their panties in a wad about what they think they are seeing.  Here is the original magnified version of the offensive drawing, showing, what some claim to be either a coincidentally placed sand speck, or an erect nipple, and an inter-racial gay couple inappropriately entangled just to the north of topless lady with a guy ogling her:

And here is the censored version of the entire two-page spread of the offensive drawing, where you can see that a dot of green bikini top added, if you have a magnifying glass handy:

And for this, the original 1987 book was removed from libraries, but millions of children watched a half-naked Beyonce grind on a chair at the Grammy Awards Sunday night.  I guess we are all going to hell.

And, where the hell is Waldo in that picture?

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