January 27, 2014


Remember this name, 'George Tsunis'.

I predict that very soon, 'tsunis' will be used as a slang word representative of 'idiotic nonsensical stream of bullshit spewing out of one's mouth'.
In what the English-language Norwegian news source the Local describes as a display of “total ignorance,” the White House’s appointee for the next U.S. ambassador to Norway made a rather sizeable diplomatic blunder before he even formally got the job.

When asked at his confirmation hearing by Sen. John McCain what he thought of the appeal of the anti-immigrant Progress Party, George Tsunis replied, “You get some fringe elements that have a microphone and spew their hatred. … And I will tell you Norway has been very quick to denounce them." 
The Progress Party may be extreme in their beliefs—in the past they have advocated capping the number of new immigrants to Norway at 1,000 per year and testing all new arrivals for AIDS, and they've stoked fears of the “sneak-Islamization” of the country”—but they’re not exactly a fringe group, and Norwegians haven’t exactly denounced them. Though they’ve lost some support recently, they’re still the third-largest party in parliament and are party of the country’s governing coalition. Progress Party Leader Siv Jensen is currently the country’s finance minister.

I am not a McCain fan, but I am a fan of sarcasm, and McCain nails it after questioning the anointed one's pick to represent on foreign soil, skip ahead to the 2:20 mark:

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