January 13, 2014


I am taking the Obama approach.  The dicktator in chief has been in office for five looooong years, so at this point, he owns it.  All of it.  Everything that is wrong with our nation is because of him. 

If there were a decent measure of patriotism left in our citizenry, things like this would not happen:
Beam, the maker of Jim Beam and Maker's Mark bourbons along with other liquor brands, has agreed to be acquired by Japan's Suntory Holdings Ltd. for approximately $13.62 billion.
Our once great American owned beer breweries are foreign-owned.  Two venerable American liquor brands are headed for Japanese ownership.

It is clearly Obama's fault.

Moreover, shouldn't a grand American tradition of low-cost stress relief and relaxation be covered under Obamacare?  We shouldn't let a revenue stream like that go overseas.


InsomniacSeeker said...

Definitely Obama's fault.

kerrcarto said...

JIm Beam can suck it. Texas Bourbon is soooo much better.